Sorrow Songs and Slave Seculars Podcast

Published By: Lamont Jack Pearley On this episode I will be discussing Sorrow Songs, Slave Seculars and the early discussions by Musicologists. Richard Wallaschek, in his Book, Primitive Music(1893) sites that Black Music is a mere imitation of European Compositions. Henry Krehbiel, was an American music critic and musicologist who believe Black Music was a Folk Song, Folk meaning of the people by the people. We will also be looking at James Weldon Johnson, Alain Locke, Mikes Mark Fisher..and more. In our interview segment, I’ll be speaking to Anthony Elder,…

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The Blues, Black Pain, and Its Psychological Effect

Published by: Lamont Jack Pearley   Why are we as Black folk so possessive of the Blues? Yes, we proved the argument that any other ethnicity doesn’t have to fight for their tradition or heritage. We all know that this music, culture and tradition was brought here during the Middle Passage and landed in the fields of the “New World”. We also know that the dialect, the rhythms and first recordings were of the Black diaspora. But what makes this so deep rooted for Black Folks, African Americans? Could it…

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