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Leo Bud Welch and Vencie Varnado Ep 1 “Talking Bout The Blues with”

Published By Lamont Jack Pearley “Talking Bout The Blues With” is a documentary series which presents the Oral history of The Blues and African American history told by the Bluesman themselves. Please enjoy our Pilot Episode Featuring The 83 year old Bluesman Leo Bud Welch and Vencie Varnado as the talk Leo’s humble beginnings in Mississippi, how he’s a different Blues Musician than BB King, Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters, along with his Preservation of the Delta Blues and how it relates to Chicago Blues. Shot on location at The…

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Published By Lamont Jack Pearley When most hear the term singer songwriter, they usually think James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and the like. I love them both..as well as the others that have taken on that title from that era. When you think of singer songwriter, some would suggest it falls into the range of folk. Leadbelly would be a perfect example. Understanding that Folk is the songs of the people, leads me to believe it falls in the call and response ol Negro Spirituals, work and prison songs that became the blues once…

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