Jack Dappa Blues Radio W/ Dr. Steve Perry

Published By: Lamont Jack Pearley   On This powerful episode, I have the honor to speak with one of most sought after educators in America. Widely respected by grassroots community members and internationally renowned leaders, his charismatic and compelling voice is an inspiration, about the blues of the educational system pertaining to Black and Brown children.    

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Published By Lamont Jack Pearley Along with the Blues, a great Book, History and Family time, I am a huge film fanatic. And nothing is better for me than a great film based on African American life and culture that also has Blues all in it that I can watch over and over with my family. ANd the one film I wish to encourage you to watch is “The Great Debaters“. This very good film, that stars a slew of great African American Actors such as, Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Kimberly…

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John Wesley Work III – Episode 1 African American Folklorists, Writers and The Blues

Published By Lamont Jack Pearley Talking Bout The Blues Video series African American Folklorist, Writers and the Blues. This series highlights African American writers, folklorists, ethnologist, composers and playwriters, that documented, described and flat out canvased the Black experience through their works, connecting the dots between the Blues, Spirituals, Work songs, Prison songs and the social and economic climate of Blacks in America. This Episode Highlights the works and compositions of the Composer, professor and Folklorist John Wesley Work III Pictures and Video Courtesy the Library of Congress Video Archive…

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