Mighty Mo Rodgers – Preserving Blues, Bridging Gaps

Published by: Lamont Jack Pearley On this episode I speak with Mighty Mo Rodgers who is a record Producer, Blues man and advocate for Blues history and African American heritage. Mighty Mo Rodgers Is A Remarkably Original Singer/Songwriter Who’s Shaped His Life Experiences Into A Terrifically Eclectic And Immensely Deep Vision On His Blue Thumb Debut, Blues Is My Wailin’ Wall. Rodgers Combines Soulful, Gritty Vocals And Driving Rhythms With A Wholly Personal Panorama On Songs Like “Took Away The Drum,” “The Kennedy Song,” “Tuskegee Blues” And A Moving Tribute…

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By Publisher: Lamont Jack Pearley   We all have our feelings and thought on what the Blues are. We all know where it came from, and most of us don’t mind having that dialog. Others really don’t like discussing the conditions that spawned if you will, Blues Music, Negro Spirituals, Prison Songs and Work songs. When one brings up this history, it’s labeled as being divisive, or not letting go of the past…or just plain out right reverse racism. But the truth of the matter, it’s none of the above…

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