The Heartache of Leaving a Legacy as an African American

The Heartache of Leaving a Legacy as an African American Written By: Lamont Jack Pearley What is the legacy you wish to leave? That is the question I’ve been asking myself way before I was blessed to have kids. What will be my legacy? What will I be able to leave my children that isn’t debt? Then I had kids, and they definitely came in abundance! The quest and fight to leave a legacy that would be spiritually, physically and financially viable to them became not only a major focus,…

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Boley Oklahoma – Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Radio

Published By: Lamont Jack Pearley Most people know about Tulsa and Black Wall Street, however there is another All Black town in Oklahoma that is also famous for econimics, community and African American Progression as American Citizens…and that town is called Boley! We will be discussing the history of this town in regards to the Black Experience and African American tribal Music! To Donate click Link To support our Crown Fund Campaign BOLEY OKLAHOMA In the early twentieth century Boley, Oklahoma was the largest predominantly black town in…

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