Why it’s important to preserve and document family history w/ Jontavios Willis

On this segment of the Jack Dappa Blues Radio show, Jontavious Willis, Blues Musician and historian, shares with me the reason he produced an interview series featuring his grandparents at their home in Greenville, GA. We discover the history of his family, the conditions of Black Life in America and the stories that accompany our legacy should be passed down from Generation to Generation.   Press – http://www.thecountryblues.com/artist-reviews/jontavious-willis-2/

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Guy Davis – Talking Bout The Blues With Ep 2

Published By Lamont Jack Pearley “Talking Bout The Blues With” is a documentary series which presents the Oral history of The Blues and African American history told by the Bluesman themselves. On this Episode, Guy Davis – Double K in Beat street, and son of Legendary Actors/Directors/ Activists Ossie Davis and Ruby – discusses the History of the Blues as it relates to The African American Experience. Shot on Location at The New Amsterdam Musical Association If you Like what you see, please donate to Talking Bout The Blues. Producer/Creator…

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By Publisher: Lamont Jack Pearley   We all have our feelings and thought on what the Blues are. We all know where it came from, and most of us don’t mind having that dialog. Others really don’t like discussing the conditions that spawned if you will, Blues Music, Negro Spirituals, Prison Songs and Work songs. When one brings up this history, it’s labeled as being divisive, or not letting go of the past…or just plain out right reverse racism. But the truth of the matter, it’s none of the above…

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