Blues Music IS Black History

Blues Music is Black History Is a Performance Panel series produced by Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation. The Panel of performers share with the audience the African American traditions, culture and social milieu that has been expressed through the oral documentation of Black Tribal music known as The Blues. The purpose of this program is to raise cultural and ethnic awareness about Blues music and it's relation to the Black experience, cultures and traditions. The Program devotes attention to the adverse social conditions of African Americans that cultivated the music that represented this climate. These songs, original and public domain, will be performed by the panel of performers.

Through a live performance of the traditional music accompanied by organic discussions the “Blues Music is Black History” series will entertain, edify and raise the awareness about -
1) the connection of Blues Music and the History of the Black Experience and traditions of African Americans
2) the relevance and connection of blues to hip hop and other musics birthed from it
3) the knowledge of Black Images, Blues Music, Black Literature and how the assimilation to the Western Society plays a roll in how African Americans view The Blues
4) how historical events changed the climate of African American traditions and their traditional musics
5) the sound and style of the music that was the soundtrack to the Black Experience from different sections of America

We have presented this program series at the Eisenhower Park Chaptmon Theater in Long Island in association with The African American Museum of Nassau, at Coney Island Library in affiliation with Averec Productions, and We have also presented this program through out the city of New York.