Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation 501(c)(3) “celebrates our heritage and preserves Blues Music through a listener/viewer supported public media platform, History workshops and producing projects that raise cultural/ethnic awareness about the traditional music and it’s relation to African American traditions. We collaborate with like minds and other organizations to introduce the music, culture and history of the Blues to new audiences while enlightening future generations.” This is accomplished via the folklorist and cultural hub that celebrates African American heritage and preservation of Blues music, providing intellectual conversations, historical facts, and vital coverage of the African American experience that uplift our community while working toward a more diverse media outlet.

Jack Dappa Blues is a Folklorist and my platform is a culture hub in the celebration of African American heritage and preservation of Blues Music. Founded in 2011 by Lamont “Jack Dappa” Pearley and Co-Founded by Denise N. Pearley. Jack Dappa Blues provides Roots Blues Music,  intellectual conversations, historical facts, and necessary coverage of the African American experience that uplifts our community while working toward a more diverse media outlet.  Based in New York City the radio program is produced and broadcasted at the WFDU 89.1 Studio. The Video content is produced in-house. Because our main focus is to celebrate African American Heritage and preserve Blues music  culture/ethnic traditions, the sharing of our heritage and workshop portion of our foundation caters to families, schools, and mom and pop businesses. As servants of the African American community, we push literacy, and music appreciation. Majority of our audience are retirees, working families, whether one or two parent homes, and they fall in between the range of middle to upper middle class.

Our goal is to enlighten and reconnect our community to the original American music that was birthed through the Black Experience on this land, so we can encourage our community to reclaim our history, utilize our voice to tell our story, and pass our heritage and culture through generations


Starting as my personal blog and journey about my connection with blues music and Heritage in 2011, transitioned into a hour and a half podcast series where I’ve interviewed blues musicians and historians, blues festivals board members, filmmakers, documentarians, authors, blues photographers, record label owners and the like. Now, it’s grown into a 5 hour internet radio program that is produced at the WFDU 89.1 studio and Broadcasted on their HD2 platform, reaching my network of 45k + and more.

Having over ten years experience in end-to- end production of on-air content, multi-media content, as well as, theater and television content. Specifically developing content, organizing production and crew, creating and keeping budgets, making sure each project is done efficiently and timely.

Overall Objective
Jack Dappa Blues is Interested in using current journalism, film and multi-media production experience to produce engaging and historically accurate content that explores and highlights the black experience and Musical culture.

Advisory Board:

Denise N. Pearley
Valerie Turner
Jontavious Willis
Karleton Thomas
Deirdra Skinner
Phill Mintz
Marquise Knox