Combating the Blues of our Community w/ SEANNE N. MURRAY

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Lamont Jack Pearley

This episode is part of a series from Jack Dappa Blues Radio called the Blues of the Black And Brown community from education to plain ole systematic racism.

on this episode I have the honer to speak with Seanne N. Murray, known by the acronym SNM, her initials and is an activist, advocate and social entrepreneur. She is a passionate and pioneering executive committed to discovering and introducing innovative solutions for change and progress. Seanne considers it her divine duty and unequivocal obligation to do everything she can to help others reach their highest potential and make this world a better place for all.

Seanne is the Founder of STOP STUFF, an action oriented apparel and entertainment enterprise. She is determined to create one million leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs to actually change the world. A 9/11 survivor, she is driven by the experience of knowing for sure that we can thrive after atrocity. Seanne’s personal social enterprise is stopping gun violence. She leads by example showing others that we can change the world through innovation and action. 15% of all STOP STUFF apparel proceeds goes to non-profits actively and successfully, based on outcomes, addressing things we all agree we don’t like (i.e. poverty, human trafficking, child abuse, etc.) The STOP STUFF Each One, Teach One, Uplift One brand sponsored tour includes intimate conversations with celebrity influencers. The goal is to uplift and ignite a millennial audience through personal stories of overcoming obstacles to experience success.

Seanne is also founder of THE STOP STUFF INSTITUTE, the non-profit organization and national platform for social change through innovation. THE STOP STUFF INSTITUTE is the action behind the voice that says we can be better and we can change the world. She developed the organization to channel the energy of millennials and represents the unwavering belief that we can do something about the challenges we face. THE STOP STUFF INSTITUTE is the engine that keeps the movement going by providing guidance, education and resources to move forward with actionable ideas to impact social change.

N. Murray


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